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Just by setting the name of the album, the title, and the domain of the webpage displaying the photos you want to post, you can easily create a web album.

In order to generate an album, you need to add the url property to the photo's URL.
The value of the url property is the URL of the page on which the photo is posted.
<img src="https://photo.kinois.net/cdn.jpg?org=https://your.site.com/img/photo.jpg
&url=https://your.site.com/index.html" />

When photos and tags are added

After rewriting the address, the picture will be added to the album at the time the page on which the picture is posted is displayed.
English tags are registered at the timing when photos are added to the album, but registration of other language tags takes about one day to two days.

The name is used as the address of the web album. ex) https://photo.kinois.net/albums/name.html.ja
You can use only alphanumeric characters and hyphens.

Album Title:

Only the pictures posted on the site of the registered domains are displayed in the album. Separate multiple items with a comma (,).

Please enter the name of the registrant. A nickname is fine. It is necessary to modify album information later (paid).


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